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Stay on top of your assignments by using the Assignments page. See a list of your assignments by status, assignment name, due date, and teacher. Know which and how many assignments are not started, in progress, or completed with a tally of your assignments. Get ready, set, and go!

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Assignments Map Description
  1. Assignments Tally

See a tallyA tally is a total that is recorded. The Assignments Tally contains a total of your different types of assignments. of your Not Started, In Progress, and Completed assignments.

  1. Status, Assignment Name, Due Date, and Teacher up/down arrows

Use the up/down arrows to sort by status, assignment name, due date, and teacher.

  1. Status
  1. Assignment Name

See the assignment name.

  1. Due Date

See the due date.

  1. Teacher

See the teacher’s name.

Note: Click the Status icon, Assignment name, Due date, or Teacher name to see the assignment details.