Using the Accessibility Toggle

If you would like assistance in using the eBook Reader, then the Accessibility Mode is a great help. Accessibility Mode gives new options to students who require accessibility options to make it easier to read an eBook.

Accessibility Mode allows you to navigate the eBook Reader and its tools with your keyboard. It also ensures that the eBook Reader and its tools can be used with a screen reader.

The best way to hear an eBook text aloud is to use the “Play” and “Pause” tools within the eReader header, rather than use your screen reader.

Turn On Accessibility Mode

Turn on Accessibility Mode by using the Accessibility toggle in the header. When it’s blue, that means it’s “on”.


New Options available in Accessibility Mode

Some of the features of the eBook Reader change when you turn on Accessibility Mode.

The Amount of Color options for Notes and Text

You can use your keyboard to select the Text option on the side panel.

You can choose from a number of different font and background colors to type your text.

Notes work the same way. Use the note icon and then use your keyboard to select a color for the background of your note.