Get Started with My Library

Be your own librarian and find books by grade, unit, and language. Create bookshelves of your favorite books. Get information about the books you picked. Switch from being a librarian to a book critic. Read it, review it, and see book reviews by your classmates. The sky’s the limit!


My Library Map Description

1. Page Icon and Name

Display a panel and navigate to Benchmark Universe tools. Know where you are and what page you are working on.

2. Library drop-down list, Grade, Unit, and Language filters

Select a student library on the Library drop-down list.

Note: Only students that have multiple library subscriptions will see the Library drop-down list. The eBooks Library is the default library view.

3. Search/Filter bars and Start Over

Search by book title or keyword.

See the filters you have setfor your library, remove filters, or clear all filters and start over.

4. Category headings View resources grouped by category headings and total number of resources; for example, whole and small group texts and resources.

5. Book Thumbnails with Gear icon

6. Add New Bookshelf

Add new bookshelves.

7. Bookshelf block

See the number of books you have in your bookshelf and make changes to your bookshelf.