Get Started with ePocket Chart

Before you start checklist and more!

  • Get started with the ePocket Chart Help topic for an introduction to the tool and its different work views.
  • See Access ePocket Chart for more information about accessing the ePocket Chart tool.
  • You have to select a Work View and determine the number of Elkonin boxes or Pocket chart rows you need on the Welcome page. See Choose your work view or Choose your Elkonin boxes work view for more information.
  • The ePocket Chart tool opens in a separate tabbed page. Simply, select the Close (x) icon next to the name on the tab to go back to the Library when you are done.

The ePocket Chart is a tool for learning how to read and write. It includes images, words, word parts and the ability for you to build your own cards. It allows students to drag and drop cards onto a free space (blank) workmat or with Elkonin boxes or pocket chart rows. The ePocket Chart is an awesome tool that helps you develop your understanding of letters, sounds, reading and writing in the classroom and at home.

Practice your reading and writing by using the mouse and keyboard. No worksheets or pencils needed!

ePocket Chart at a Glance - Free Workspace Work View

See ePocket Chart at a Glance - Activities Panel Work View below.

ePocket Chart at a Glance - Elkonin Boxes Work View

ePocket Chart at a Glance - Pocket Chart Work View

ePocket Chart at a Glance - Activities Panel Work View

ePocket Chart Legend Description
1. Activity navigation bar and arrows

Use to know which activity is currently displayed and to go to previous and next activities.

2. Save, Save as, Help and Settings icons
3. Activities panel arrow

Use to open and close the Activities panel.

See Add new and customize activities for more information.

See Create My Customizations files for more information.

4. Previous and Next arrows and Shelf

Use the Previous and Next arrows to view cards on the shelf that are not visible.

Note: The arrows are dim when all cards are visible on the shelf. The arrows become yellow when all cards are not visible on the shelf.

View cards on the shelf.

Drag and drop cards from the shelf to the free workspace, Elkonin boxes, and Pocket Chart rows.

5. Toolbar, Expand/Collapse arrow and Trash can icon

Use the Expand/Collapse arrow on the Toolbar tab to expand/collapse the Toolbar options.

Use the Trash can to delete cards from the workspace or shelf.

6. Elkonin boxes View and add cards to the Elkonin boxes.
7. Pocket Chart rows View and add cards to the Pocket Chart rows.


Drag and drop cards

  • You can drag and drop cards in and outside of an Elkonin box.
  • Cards are removed from the shelf when used in the workspace, ePocket Chart row, or Elkonin box.
  • Cards in a free workspace, ePocket chart row or Elkonin box are automatically deleted when a new card is placed on the current one.