Back-to-School 2022 Resources

We hope you enjoy a restful summer! We’ll focus on building features that make your life easier come back-to-school time!

Take a look at the features we’re planning for the upcoming school year. Check back over the summer for more details.

Resource Library

Improved Library User Experience & Interface

  • Preview resource categories as you scroll. Expand and collapse categories and filters to see more resources. View additional information about each resource.

Enhanced Assignment Creation

  • Redesigned assignment panel, and new ability to assign to multiple classes at once.

New Bookshelves View

  • New page for bookshelves, including school and district customization bookshelves.


Google Classroom Integration

  • Assignments will be able to be shared with Google Classroom! Teachers can choose to enable sharing with Google Classroom and then simply share individual assignments with their class.
  • Students will see their Benchmark assignments among others in Google Classroom, and grades will be passed back to Google.

District and School administrators can access, view, edit, and create assignments for a teacher’s class.

  • Access and view all assignments for a teacher and associated classes.
  • Edit an assignment:
  • Create an assignment for the teacher’s class, group of students, or individual student.
  • Grade constructed response questions for a test.
  • View a notification of the last update to the assignment by user, date, and time stamp.

Oral Reading Records

Administrator Ability to Administer an ORR

  • School and District Administrators will be able to administer an ORR and view or modify existing records.

Updates to Recommendations

  • An updated recommendation will be given when students reach an Instructional reading level. Because the intervals between assessments may vary greatly, we have adjusted our recommendation for students who have scored “instructional” at all levels to read: You may continue instruction at [current instructional letter level] or try assessing at [next letter level up] to ensure student is working at the highest instructional level.
  • This increase of options adds flexibility and will help educators confirm that students are working at the appropriate instructional level.

New Report View: Students Not Assessed

  • See which students have not yet been assessed within your selected date range; available at the Class, School, and District level.

Improved Visibility of ORRs Taken

  • See who last modified an ORR, and in which class it was administered.
  • Access a full history of all ORRs administered to a student.
  • School & District Reading History Reports that show all ORRs administered.

School & District Downloads available on Downloads page

  • An Access CSV downloads at the School and District level from the Downloads page, offering more efficient processing.


Student WCAG Compliant

  • Benchmark Universe's student-facing software will be Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA compliant for BTS 2022, with most applications already compliant today.
  • Student-facing applications that are in the process of being enhanced to meet compliance this BTS season include:
    • ePocket Chart
    • Interactive Learning Games
    • Writer’s Universe