View and edit assignments

Teachers can use many Benchmark Universe tools to locate and edit their assignments.

Filter the Assignments List

You can filter the Assignments List by using the Not Started, or In Progress filters.

  • Click one of the following filters.
    • Current – assignments that have started based on the start date
    • Closed – assignments that have been closed by a teacher
    • Deleted – assignments that have been deleted by a teacher

Sort the Assignments List

You can sort the Assignments List by using the Sort by: Due Date, Class, or Alphabetical options.

  • Click one of the following Sort by options.
    • Due Date
    • Class
    • Alphabetical (Sort assignment name alphabetically in ascending or descending order)

Search Assignments

You can use the Search assignments box to search for assignments. Click the X icon to clear your search criteria in the Search assignments box and start a new search, if necessary.

Hide or Show an Assignment

You can use hide an assignment from your students or cause it to appear in their Assignments List by using the toggle.

Add or Remove Student from an Assignment

You can use the “+” and “-” Restore and Remove icons to take out or re-add a student to your assignment. Students who are removed from an assignment appear in gray. A removed student’s test will no longer appear in Reports.

Edit assignments using the Edit Assignments page

You can edit assignments and track your students’ progress by using the Edit Assignments page.

  1. Click Assignments on the Dashboard. The Assignments List page appears.
  2. Find the assignment you want to edit and select it.
  3. The Edit Assignments page appears.

Users can edit any point of their current assignment from the Materials to the Due Date to the Students and the Class. The Edit Assignments page functions like the Create an Assignment page.


Edit a student’s assignment status

You can edit a student’s assignment status by using the Status icon on the Materials Assigned List.

  1. Find the assignment on the Assignments page.
  2. Select the assignment and go to the Edit Assignments page.
  3. Find the student in the Students List.
  4. Click the student’s Customize Materials icon. The Student’s Assignment > Customize Materials > Materials list dialog appears.
  5. Go to the Materials Assigned List.
  6. Click the Status icon. You can only change the status from In Progress to Complete, or from Completed to In Progress.
  7. Select one of the following Status options from the Status Menu.
  In Progress


The status is updated and appears in the Materials Assigned List and the Students List Status columns.

Last Updated: September 17, 2021