Create an assignment

Benchmark Universe allows users to create assignments through My Library. (As well as through the Assignments page)

Teachers who have access to multiple schools have the ability to switch between them using the School drop-down above the Library drop-down to the left. Only teachers with access to multiple schools will see the School drop-down on any page.

Add new assignments using the My Library page

You can add new assignments on the My Library page by using the Quick Assign menu.

  1. Select the Library on the Dashboard. The Library page appears.

  2. Access the Quick Assign menu on the right side by making sure that the Assignments button is selected. It selected by default.

  3. Drag and drop your materials to the Materials Assigned box. Use the X icon to delete materials selected, if necessary.

  4. The default assignment name is the name of your first selected resource. You can modify this name by typing a new name into the Assignment Name box.

Assignments with an assessment can only include one assessment at a time and cannot include any other resources. If you’d like to provide your students with additional resources, create another assignment. To find out more, go to Create an eAssessment Assignment.

  1. Type instructions in the Instructions box if you’d like.

  2. Click the Audio toggle, if necessary. Audio is only available for eBooks, ePosters, and eAssessments. Audio is required for some assessment questions and cannot be disabled. Questions with optional audio can be enabled/disabled by the audio toggle key.

Teachers can change the audio settings on an assignment at any time by changing the audio available toggle, saving the assignment again, and then having the student refresh their test in the test taker. Students can refresh the test to get the latest audio setting by pressing reload if they already have the test open, saving, and reopening the test, or launching it for the first time.

  1. Your first alphabetical Class is the default selection. Choose a class from the drop-down list if you’d like to choose a different class.
  2. Choose a group or groups from the drop-down list if you’d like to assign to students within an existing group.
  3. For Students, “All students” is the default selected for you. If you’d like to select just some students, selecting “All Students” in the drop-down list will deselect all the students in the list, allowing you to select students one at a time.

  4. The default Start Date is the day you are creating the assignment. Select the date if you’d like to set a different start date.

  5. Type or select an end date in the Due Date box.

  6. Select Save. The Assignment list is updated and shows all relevant student information with a Not Started status.

Move You can only add the following resource types to an assignment.

  • Assessment (eAssessments or eBook Assessments)
  • eBook or Poster
  • Video or Audio
  • Games
  • Workbooks and Manipulatives
  • ePocket Chart
  • Writer’s Universe projects

Note: A message appears if you attempt to add a resource not included in this list.

Assign Customized Materials to Students

You can assign customized materials by following a few simple steps.

  1. Go to the Library page.
  2. Select a previously customized assignment. Previously-customized materials have a customization icon next to their titles.

  3. Click the customization icon to display a list of previously-created customizations.

  4. Select a customization. The title changes to the title of the selected customization.

  5. Use the gear icon and select Add to Assignment to assign that customized assignment to a student or group of students or drag the customization to the Materials box.

For more information about customizing material, check out:

Add new and customize activities (for ePocket Chart)

Customize a book (for My Library)











Last Updated: January 13, 2022