Create an eAssessment assignment

Assessments are a key part of understanding a student’s progress. Assessments allow students to discover their current achievement level and allow teachers to identify areas where students need help.

Click the Assignments icon on the Dashboard to access the Assignments list. You can also create an assignment by using the assignment button on the My Library page.




Create a New Assignment

You can add new assignments on the Assignments page by using the Add New Assignment button.

  1. Click Add New Assignment. The New Assignment page appears.
  2. Type an assignment name in the Assignment Name box.

  1. Click Add Materials. The Library page appears.
  2. Seek titles by using the filter buttons on the left-hand side or by using the search bar in the center top.

Adding an Assessment

After you’ve selected a test from the library, complete the assessment assignment.

  1. Drag the assessment into the Materials Assigned box. You can also click the gear icon on the assessment in the library and choose Add to Assignment from the pop-up menu.
  2. Type a set of instructions into the Instructions box, if necessary.
  3. Use the Audio toggle to enable or disable audio for all the students in your assignment. See the "Managing Assessment Audio" section below for more details.
  1. Your first alphabetical Class is the default selection. Choose a class from the drop-down list if you’d like to choose a different class.
  2. Choose a group or groups from the drop-down list if you’d like to assign to students within an existing group.
  3. For Students, “All students” is the default selected for you. If you’d like to select just some students, selecting “All Students” in the drop-down list will deselect all the students in the list, allowing you to select students one at a time.

  4. The default Start Date is the day you are creating the assignment. Select the date if you’d like to set a different start date.

  5. Type or select an end date in the Due Date box.

  6. Select Save. The Assignment list is updated and shows all relevant student information with a Not Started status.

Assignments with an assessment can only include one assessment at a time and cannot include any other resources. If you’d like to provide your students with additional resources, create another assignment.

Managing Assessment Audio

Teachers can control whether all the students in an assignment will be able to listen to audio for passages, questions, and answer choices while taking an assessment by using the audio control toggle.

There are four different options for assessment audio within an assignment:

1. Questions with required audio cannot have the audio disabled because certain types of questions require recorded audio in order to be answered, or Benchmark has determined that all students taking this assessment require audio support. An example of a question that requires audio is one where the question stem is recorded and the student must listen to the recording to select from the answer choices shown. This is most common in Kindergarten and first grade.

When all the questions on an assessment are required you will see the following message and will not be able to disable the audio for this assessment:

2. Questions with optional audio can be enabled/disabled for students using the audio controls for the assignment. When all the questions on an assessment are optional you will see the following message:

3. Questions with a mix of required and optional audio will allow you to enable/disable the questions with optional audio using the audio controls. Questions with required audio cannot be disabled. When there are both types of questions on an assessment you will see the following message:

4. If there is no audio available for an assessment, you will see this message in the audio section of the assignment:

Teachers can change the audio settings for an assignment at any time by changing the audio setting and saving the assignment again. Students will see the audio settings update if they reload the page in the test taker or relaunch the test from their assignment page.

Change Student Assignment Status

Teachers can change a student's eAssessment assignment status back to "In Progress" if they want a student to continue working on their test. Once the status is updated, the student can access their test from their Assignments page, continue working on it, and resubmit it when they are done. The teacher will need to regrade any constructed response questions on the test once it is resubmitted.

Teachers can also move an assignment to "Complete" if a student neglected to submit a test.

See View, find, edit, and delete assignments for details on how to change a student's assignment status.

Last Updated: September 17, 2021