Review a completed assignment

You can review a completed assignment even after the assignment's due date by using the Open book icon in the Open Column on the Materials Assigned list. Take some time to review your completed assignments and talk to your teacher about stuff you didn't understand. Remember, you cannot change or edit your completed assignment.

  1. Click Assignments on the Dashboard. The Assignment List appears.
  2. Find the completed assignment you want to review. Completed assignments are marked with a green check mark.
  3. Select the completed assignment. The Materials Assigned List appears.
  4. Click the Open book icon in the Open column. The completed assignment appears.
  5. Review your completed assignment.
  6. Click Done when you are finished.

Oops! My assessment assignment is past due.

A "behind the scenes" safety locking feature checks assessment assignments that are Past Due or being reviewed and graded by your teacher. These assessment assignments are automatically locked. You will not be able to open the following assessment assignments.

  • Assessment assignments with a Not Started status and past due
  • Assessment assignments with an In Progress status and past due or
  • Completed assessment assignments being reviewed and graded by your teacher

Let your teacher know that your assessment assignment is past due and you were not able to open and complete. He/She will guide you and let you know what to do next. For your completed assessment assignments, your teacher will let you know when he/she has reviewed and graded your test.

The following message appears when you cannot open tests that are Past Due or in a Review state.

"Oops! Your test can't be opened. It is either past due or hasn't been graded yet. Check with your teacher."

Last Updated: December 30, 2019