See and complete your assignments

You can view and track your assignments by using the Assignments list. You can also let your teacher know you have finished your assignments by marking them done.

Before you begin

The Assignments icon on the Dashboard shows the number of assignments you have.

View and complete assignments

  1. Click the Assignments icon on the Dashboard. The Assignments list appears.
  2. Find the assignment you want to start.
  3. Click one of the following items in the assignment row.
    • Status icon
    • Assignment name
    • Due Date
    • Teacher name

Abracadabra! The Assignment Details dialog appears.

  1. Review your teacher’s instructions, if any, and find the material you want to read.
  2. Click the book icon in the Read column. The book opens.
  3. Complete your assignment and click the Benchmark Universe logo to go back to the Assignment Details dialog.
  4. Go to the Done column and click the circle to mark the assignment done.

You must open an assignment before you can mark it as done. The Done button is disabled until you have opened the assignment. When you see an orange circle, that means the Done button is now activated and you can click to mark it as done.

You can only change the status of an assignment if you marked it done when the Assignment Details dialog is open.

Make sure you are finished with your assignment before you mark it done. You won’t be able to undo the Done checkmark and go back to the assignment if you marked it done and closed the Assignment Details dialog. The Done check mark appears with a gray background the next time you open the Assignment Details dialog.

The gray background is used with the Done check mark to let you know that the assignment is done and not available. Tests are automatically marked complete when you submit.


Last Updated: June 30, 2022