Write a book review

Teachers like to know what you liked about a book that has been assigned to you to read. Book reviews are a perfect way for you to express your thoughts about a book. You can rate the book and post your comments.

  1. Click the Assignments icon on the Dashboard.The Assignments list appears.
  2. Find the assignment you want to start.
  3. Click one of the following items in the assignment row.
    • Status icon
    • Assignment name
    • Due Date
    • Teacher name

Hooray! The Assignment Details dialog appears.

  1. Review your teacher’s instructions, if any, and find the material you want to read.
  2. After reading the book, click the review icon in the Review column. The Book Reviews box appears.
  3. Click Add New Book Review. The Book Review box appears.
  4. Click 1 to 5 stars to add a rating; 1 star is the lowest and 5 stars are the highest rating.
  5. Type your book review in the Review box.
  6. Click Submit. The following message appears: "Your review has been posted successfully...."
Your teacher has to review and approve your book review before you and your classmates can see it.

Last Updated: December 30, 2019