Add books to a bookshelf

You can add your favorite books to a bookshelf by using the Gear icon.The Gear icon shows you a menu that lets you do a lot more with your books.

  1. Find the book you want to add to your bookshelf.
  2. Click the Gear icon at the bottom-right of a book title. Pow! The Gear menu appears.
  3. Click Add to Bookshelf. The Materials to Add box, Select bookshelfmessage, and your bookshelves appear.
  4. Scroll to find the bookshelf block, if you need to.
  5. Click the bookshelf block to add the book. The number next to the bookshelf name shows the number of books you have in your bookshelf.
Drag a book title to add books to a current bookshelf. Try it the next time you want to add books to a current bookshelf.