Get Started with My Reading Log

The next time your mom, dad, guardian, or teacher asks, “Did you do your homework?” You can say, “Yes!” The My Reading Log is all about your completed reading assignments. You can use the My Reading Log page anytime you, a family member, or teacher want to know about your completed assignments. Check it often so you know which assignments you’ve done for each teacher and by date. You can also write book reviews, submit to your teacher for approval, read what you wrote about a book and print.

You can do book reviews on the My Library, Assignments, and My Reading Log pages.

Explore My Reading Log

An image of the My Reading Log screen with numbers that correspond to the graph below the image. Number One is next to the Completed, In Progress, and Started Assignments pane. Number Two is next to the My Reading Log table. Number Three is next to an eBook cover. Number Four is next to the eBook title line. Number Five is next to the Read Your Review link. Number Six is next to the Write a Review link. Number Seven is next to the Print button.

My Reading Log Map Description
  1. Completed, In Progress, and Started Assignments pane

View total number of books read (finished), in progress (finish it later), and started.

  1. My Reading Log table
  1. eBook cover

Open an ebook.

  1. eBook title

Use to view a history of reading activity.

  1. Read Your Review link

Read your book review.

  1. Write a Review link

Write a book review and submit to your teacher for approval.

Note: Your teacher must approve your book review before you can see and read it on the My Reading Log page. A message is sent to your teacher when you submit a book review.

  1. Print

Print your reading log.

Last Updated: June 30, 2022