Add a lesson

You can add your own personal lessons like field trips or other types of instructional activities to your plan.

  1. Select a week and weekday.
  2. Click Add Lesson. The Add Lesson | My Lessons dialog appears.
  3. Type the name of your lesson in the Name box.
  4. Type the details of your lesson in the Lesson box.
You can also add or remove links in the Lesson box by selecting the Link icons in the toolbar.
  1. Select a duration from the Duration drop-down list.
  2. Click Add standard. The Standards dialog appears.
  3. Click the standards you want listed at the left of the Standards dialog. The selected standards appear at the right of the dialog.
  4. Click the selected standards at the right of the Standards dialog to clear any standards you do not want applied to the lesson.
  5. Click Save.














Last Updated: June 30, 2022