About User/Class Management

Manual user and class management is handled in the Manage Account section of Tech Admin. Typically smaller districts or charter schools may choose to manually manage accounts. For larger data sets there are several rostering methods available to suit district needs.

In the Manage Account section of Tech Admin administrators can accomplish a variety of tasks like adding/editing new users or classes, deactivating users or classes, moving teachers and students between schools, among others.

Manage Account at a Glance

Manage Account Legend Description
  1. Manage Account tab

The area in Tech Admin to manage user and class records manually.

  1. Navigation pane

View all teachers, students, or classes in the district, or filter by school.

  1. Entity tabs

An additional way to filter by a given entity.

  1. Actions column

Reset password, edit the record, or deactivate.

  1. Add Entity button

Create a new user or class record.


Users and classes require a school association, so the ‘Add’ button is only active when a school is selected in the navigation pane.