Create/Edit a User Record

Create a new User record 

  1. Click the Manage Account tab.
  2. Find and select a school from the left navigation pane

Additional school associations can be added, as needed, after the initial user record is created.

  1. Select the User Type to add: Students, Teachers, School Administrators.
  2. Click + Add <User Type> at the bottom of the page. The Add/Edit dialog box appears.
  3. Type the following information into the text boxes. Asterisks indicate a required field.
    • First Name*
    • Last Name
    • Username*
    • Password*
    • Email
    • Security Question*
    • Security Answer*
    • SIS External ID
    • Grade Level* (Students only)
  4. Click the Save & Close button.

Edit a User record

  1. Click the Manage Account tab.
  2. Use the navigation pane or Search feature to find a user to edit.
  3. Click the Pencil icon in the Actions column. The Add/Edit dialog box appears.
  4. Edit any of the fields present.
  5. Add additional School Affiliations, as needed.
  6. Click the Save & Close button.