Run a Data Sync

Administrators can run a sync on the district’s source data. If a low number of users or classes need to be updated Benchmark recommends using the Force Sync feature. Benchmark runs a nightly incremental sync on the district’s data to look for data changes and update the records accordingly.

There are times when a sizable data change could be made to the source after Benchmark’s nightly sync ran, so the updates would not be made until the following night. In these cases, administrators can access the Sync Results page and use the ‘Sync Data’ button to immediately initiate an incremental sync.

It is always a good idea to verify that data sharing rules at the data source are correct. Inaccurate changes to the sharing rules can affect the data synced into Benchmark Universe.

After clicking the Sync Data button to initiate an incremental sync the button changes to indicate that the sync is in progress. When the sync is completed, the button returns to the Sync Data state and the sync results are available on the screen.

The time it takes for the sync to finish can vary depending on the size of the dataset and if there are other districts syncing data at the same time.