About Subscriptions

In Tech Admin, administrators can select the Subscriptions tab on the district homepage to view all, current, or expired subscriptions licensed to the district. The content subscriptions determine what resources or features administrators, teachers, or students can access from their Dashboard and Library in Benchmark Universe.

Subscriptions are assigned to the district and/or schools based on the product(s) purchased by the district. Subscriptions can be assigned to the whole district, or more commonly to individual schools. Any user in the system associated with a given school will inherit the subscriptions assigned to that school.

For assistance with subscriptions, or to renew expiring subscriptions, contact the Benchmark Technical Support team via email at techsupport@benchmarkeducation.com or call 855.245.9751.

Subscriptions at a Glance


Subscriptions Legend Description
  1. Active/Current/Expired

View Active subscriptions as the default. Use the Current or Expired tabs to filter the subscription results.

  1. Subscription Level column

View whether the subscription is assigned at the district or school level.

  1. Assigned column

View which specific school a subscription is assigned to, or if it is subscribed to the whole district.

  1. Start/End Date

View a subscription’s start and end date. An expired end date is highlighted in pink.