About District Terms

Setting your district term(s) in Tech Admin is an important piece to controlling the user and class data that is loaded and used for each school year. Students’ grade levels and class associations are attached to a district term. These associations drive many things inside Benchmark Universe. For instance, teachers can only assign to students associated to their class within a given term. When a district term ends the student grade levels, assignments, assessment data, and class associations are archived. At the start of the next term the source data will be updated (students move up a grade and have a new teacher or teachers) and when ready, loaded into the system.

A valid term must be added and active before a new school year’s data can be loaded into the system, whether that be by importing CSV files directly into Tech Admin or synching data from Clever or ClassLink.

It is recommended that a district term is set to encompass a complete school year.

The first district term for a district is created automatically with an end date of 6/30. This is set up by Benchmark’s Technical Support team during the initial onboarding process following a product purchase. District terms for subsequent years are created by a Technical/District Administrator in each district, usually by an individual who handles the rostering/source data.

District Terms at a Glance

District Terms Legend Description
  1. District Terms tab

Access the District Terms section from your district homepage.

  1. District

Displays the district’s name.

  1. Edit/Add Term buttons

Edit the current term’s end date or add a new term.

  1. View Terms

View the names and dates of current or previous district terms.


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