About the New School Year

As the new school year approaches, it is important that the district’s technical team prepares for a new term with Benchmark Universe. The new school year’s data set will need to be loaded into the system so that Benchmark Universe will reflect such things as new students and teachers, new class associations, student grades, etc. Having this new data loaded before school starts will allow teachers to see their students in Benchmark Universe and begin creating assignments prior to the actual start date.

The district’s rostering administrator is tasked with loading the new data set into Tech Admin at the start of each new school year using one of Benchmark’s supported rostering methods. To accomplish this the following steps should be taken.

  1. Determine if the district will use the same rostering method as the previous year.
    1. If yes, continue.
    2. If a different method is desired, contact Technical Support to discuss changing methods. Existing user accounts should be mapped to the new data source to minimize losing historical data (e.g. customizations, assessment scores, etc.).
    3. If you need to make changes to schools (like updating an existing school’s name or adding a new school to your account), please contact Technical Support.
  2. Verify that the SIS data update for the new school year is completed.
  3. Create a district term, or verify that a new district term exists in Tech Admin.
  4. Add data for a new district term.