Welcome to the new and improved Benchmark eAssessments!

Introducing Benchmark eAssessments, a comprehensive digital solution for test-taking, grading, and reporting that seamlessly integrates with Benchmark Education’s online learning portal, Benchmark Universe.

This page contains links to all the essential information you’ll need to get started with Benchmark eAssessments including How-to videos, FAQ, and information about upcoming features.


How-to Training Videos



  1. What is Benchmark eAssessments?

    Benchmark eAssessments is a comprehensive digital solution for test taking, grading, student test review, and reporting. Assessment content is loaded into the Benchmark eAssessments digital solution and available for use with Benchmark program subscriptions that contain eAssessments (i.e. Benchmark Advance, Benchmark Literacy, Comprehension Strategy Assessments, Benchmark Workshop)

  1. When will I start to see the new updates?

    The new updates will be available for the start of the 2019-2020 school year. See the section below, “Features Coming Soon” for future updates.

  1. Where do I find Benchmark eAssessments?

    The Benchmark eAssessments digital solution is available within Benchmark Universe using your current Benchmark Universe login credentials. To find digital assessments for your program, use the assessment filter from your library and look for assessments labeled E-ASSESSMENT.

  1. Can I go back to the old assessment platform?

    We believe that the updates to the eAssessments, which includes a more intuitive user interface, flexible grading, and a variety of reports, will provide a better user experience and prepare your students for both district and high-stakes state tests. The older assessment interface is no longer available, however, all data has been saved and transferred to the new platform.

  1. How will my teachers and staff be trained?

    Benchmark Education will provide various options for training including on-demand training with “Show Me How” videos and online help. To inquire about the best training options for your school or on-site professional development, contact your local sales consultant.

  1. Will previous district term assessment data be available in the updated Benchmark eAssessments?

    Yes. Upon release of the new Benchmark eAssessments, the 2018-19 district term data will be available. All prior year data will be available within the Benchmark eAssessments reporting suite by September 1st, 2019. Please contact tech support if you need access to assessment data prior to the 2018-19 district term earlier than September 1st.

  1. Who do I contact if I have questions?

    For technical support, call our Tech Support Hotline at 1-855-245-9751, Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm EST.


Features Coming Soon

  • PDFs of Student Tests to share with students/parents.
  • CSV downloads for Standards Performance and Test Scores at the grade and district level.

  • Single Test Analysis Report at the Question and Answer Detail levels.


For additional assistance call or email us at 1-855-245-9751 and techsupport@benchmarkeducation.com.