About Recommended Placement

What is Recommended Placement?

Recommended Placement is a powerful digital tool that uses student performance data to generate a targeted placement within an instructional program.

Benchmark Phonics Intervention users can now access data-driven Recommended Placement for each student following administration of the Quick Phonics Assessment (QPA) and/or Quick Spelling Assessment (QSA). These recommendations follow the criteria outlined in the Assessment & Screener Handbook, but automate the task to save teachers valuable time.

How it Works

Administer the Quick Phonics Assessment (QPA) and/or Quick Spelling Assessment (QSA) to each student in your Phonics Intervention class. (See About Foundational Skills Assessments for more information about administering these measures.)

Access Recommended Placement from the Dashboard or Main Menu.

View a recommended starting point (Level and Unit) in the Phonics Intervention instructional sequence for each student, based on their performance on the QPA and/or QSA.

View a student’s placement history in the Placement History tab to see which level and unit a student has been placed in as well as any manual changes to the placement that the teacher has made.

Learn More

For more information about accessing and using Recommended Placement, review the other Overview pages in the menu above.