About Benchmark Foundational Skills Assessments

What Are Benchmark Foundational Skills Assessments?

Benchmark Foundational Skills Assessments are a digital solution for evaluating early-literacy skills that teachers typically observe in one-on-one settings. This powerful new tool makes it easy for teachers to record student responses, auto-scores results, and captures student performance data to track progress over time.

Foundational Skills Assessments include the following measures to support Benchmark Phonics and Benchmark Phonics Intervention users:

Benchmark Phonics

  • Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Assessment
  • High-Frequency Word Screener
  • High-Frequency Word 248-Word Screener

  • High-Frequency Word 75-Word Hurdles Screener
  • Letter Name Assessment
  • Letter Sound Assessment
  • Comprehensive Phonics Survey
  • Comprehensive Spelling Survey

Benchmark Phonics Intervention

  • Quick Phonics Assessment (QPA)
  • Quick Spelling Assessment (QSA)
  • Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Assessment
  • High-Frequency Word Screener


Some of the useful features you’ll find in Benchmark Foundational Skills Assessments include:

Compatible With Your Device

Foundational Skills Assessments are easy to administer from your computer or tablet.

Automatic Scoring

Foundational Skills Assessments automatically score and capture student performance data, saving teachers valuable time.

Progress Monitoring

Foundational Skills Assessments make it easy to view students’ performance results and track their progress over time.

…and more

For more information about accessing and using Foundational Skills Assessments, review the other Overview pages in the menu above.

Last Updated: September 13, 2023