About the Placement Table

The Placement Table provides a recommended starting point (Level and Unit) in the Phonics Intervention instructional sequence for each student in a given class or group.

Placement recommendations are based on each student’s performance on the Quick Phonics Assessment (QPA) and/or Quick Spelling Assessment (QSA) following the criteria outlined in the Assessment & Screener Handbook. These measures are administered using Benchmark’s Foundational Skills Assessments.

Placement Table at a Glance

Placement Table Legend Description

1. Class/group dropdowns

Determine which students are shown in the Student List by using the following dropdown lists.

  • Class
  • Group

Teachers with more than one class will be shown the class that comes first alphabetically by default. Teachers without any groups in their class will not see that dropdown option.

2. Student List

The Students column displays the name of each student in the selected Class or Group.

3. Sorting Arrows

Sort the Student List in either ascending or descending order using the data in the given column.

4. Foundational Skills Assessments

Go to the Class Overview page in Foundational Skills Assessments (only available to teachers).

5. Placement Tile

Each student that has been administered the QPA and/or QSA will have a tile showing the recommended Level and Unit in which to begin instruction.

6. More Information Icon

View detailed scores for a given student and modify their placement. Modifying placement is only available to teachers.

See ‘Changing a Student’s Placement’ for more.

7. Tool Tip

Indicates that a student has not been given a placement assessment.





Last Updated: August 29, 2022