Assign assessments using the Library page

You can assign assessments to students by using the Library > Assignments panel.

You may have different Assessment Library subscriptions. You can assign assessments by using the Library or Assignments page. See the Create an Assignment page for more information.
  1. Select a library on the Dashboard or from the Library list.
  2. Select filters as needed to narrow your results.
  3. Click the Assignments tab. The Assignments tab is highlighted in yellow.
  4. Type an Assignment name in the Name box.
  5. Drag an assessment(s) to the Materials Assigned box. The Materials Assigned box appears with a yellow background.
You can drag an assessment or use the Gear > Add to Assignment option when assigning assessments. Click X to delete the assessment from the assignment, if necessary.
  1. Type your instructions in the Instructions box.
  2. Click Select students. The Select class drop-down list appears.
  3. Choose a class. The Groups and Students area appears.
  4. Choose a group(s) and students.
Use the Up/Down arrows to sort the groups and students in ascending or descending order.
  1. Click Select all or Clear all to select or clear all groups or students from the assignment, if necessary.
  2. Preview the group(s) and student selections to ensure you have selected the correct group(s) and students for the assignment.
Move your mouse over the group or student name and click X to delete the group(s) or students from the assignment, if necessary.
  1. Click Done.
  2. Type or select a start date in the Start Date box.
  3. Type or select an end date in the End Date box.
  4. Click Save. The Successfully saved message appears.