About ePlanner

ePlanner is a powerful and flexible planning tool that is integrated with Benchmark Advance and Benchmark Literacy programs. Begin the school year with a default plan that contains the instructional units from a Benchmark Universe program. Plans are full or half-day based on your ePlanner subscription.

With ePlanner you can create, manage, customize, print, and share your plans.


ePlanner at a Glance

See examples below.

Use the examples above to review the ePlanner legend.

ePlanner Legend Description
  1. My Plans, Delete Plans, and Create New Plan

Shows your current plans and is used to select other plans.

Use to delete a plan.

Create a new plan by specifying a grade level, class, and start date or copy from an existing plan.

  1. Plan Title and Pencil icon

View and edit the plan title.

  1. Standards Report and Print

Customize the Standards Report that shows literacy standards covered and frequency of standards covered.

Print and share a lesson or week view of your plan in a PDF format.

  1. Manage, Expand All, and Collapse All

Manage small group rotations, the Lesson Bin, add custom days/non-teaching day(s).

Expand and show all lesson details.

Collapse and hide all lesson details.

  1. Week of…

Navigate to different weeks in your plan.

  1. Unit/Week and Title Information

Shows the current unit, week, and title.

  1. Week Day and Time Information

Shows the week day and total time allotted to lessons. The current day is highlighted in red.

  1. Lesson Block
  1. Add Lesson

Add a lesson; specify lesson details, duration, and standards.


The ePlanner and Teacher's Resource System are only available on a teacher’s dashboard if the teacher has a subscription to these tools.