Add materials

You can easily add materials to the lessons in your plan. Simply, filter the book titles by name, grade, letter/number level, or comprehension strategy and then choose the books that meet the requirements of your lessons.

  1. Click any lesson. The lesson block is expanded and shows the Add Materials link.
  2. Click Add Materials. The Add Materials dialog appears.
  3. Use any of the following filters.
  • Type a book title in the Filter by name bar and click the Magnifying glass icon.
  • Select a level (Letter or Number), Comprehension Strategy, or Grade from the left drop-down list.
  • Select additional filters from the right drop-down list, if necessary. The books meeting your criteria are listed.

Books are shown a grade above, below or at the Grade level filter you selected.

  1. Use the right or left arrows to display previous or next series of books.
  2. Choose the book(s) you want to add to your lesson.
  3. Click Save.

Use the Book info link to view information or open book(s).












Last Updated: June 30, 2022