Add non-teaching day

You can add non-teaching days to your plan by using the Manage > Add Custom Day option.

  1. Select a plan. The plan opens.
  2. Select a week on the Week of drop-down list or use the arrows, if necessary.
  3. Select Add Custom Day on the Manage drop-down list. The Insert Day(s) dialog appears.

The current date and Custom Day are default settings.

  1. Select Non-teaching Day.
  2. Select a day(s) on the calendar. The number of days selected appears below the calender with an option to reset, if necessary.
  3. Type a description in the Add Day Description box.
  4. Click OK. The day(s) is highlighted in the plan and appears with a Remove Day link.

You can use the Remove Day link to remove the non-teaching day(s), if necessary. The lessons for the non-teaching days are moved to the next available teaching days in your plan.