Add routines

You can add routines to your plan by using the Review and Routines button. Routines can only be added to plans that have routine days included in the plan.

See Create a plan with review and routines for more information.

  1. Create a plan with routine days, if necessary. The plan appears with review and routines days.
  2. Click the Review and Routines button. The Review and Routines button expands.
  3. Click Add Routines. The Add Routines dialog appears.
  4. Select the routines to add.
  5. Click Save. The routines appear in the Review and Routines block.
  6. Click Add Materials.

See Add Materials for more information.

  1. Click Add Note, if necessary. The Lesson: Review and Routines dialog appears.
  2. Type your note in the box.
  3. Click Save. The note appears in the Review and Routines block.
  4. Click Add Lesson, if necessary.

See Add a lesson for more information.

  1. Continue until all routines are added to the number of routine days specified in the plan.

You can remove a routine by using the Remove Routine link.





Last Updated: June 30, 2022