Virtual Teaching and Learning Tools on Benchmark Universe

Dear Benchmark Universe Customers,

Benchmark Universe is here to help you keep step with your daily instruction and facilitate virtual learning and interaction with your students. As a reminder, Benchmark Universe offers the following list of tools and activities you can use as virtual teaching options.


Customized, Personalized Reading Assignments

eBooks (including all student consumables, small-group titles, poetry posters, and decodable readers) can be customized with questions, graphic organizers, and videos. Once assigned, students can annotate and respond to teacher questions. Teachers are able to view each student’s book as if the teacher had collected a print version. Learn more about eBooks and Customizations.

For Kindergarten and Grade 1 students, teachers can assign read-aloud big books – which can be auto-played with audio, text-highlighting, and page turning, replicating a teacher-led whole-group reading experience. Learn more about auto-play.

Independent Reading and Writing Opportunities

Students can choose to read any eBook in their library and write reviews. Once approved by the teacher, students can see other classmates’ reviews, providing an opportunity for students to build upon each other’s work in a virtual environment. Learn more about how students can write reviews and how teachers can review student eBook reviews.

Additional Foundational Skills Practice

Interactive Learning Games and ePocket Chart activities (if subscribed) are assignable to support Phonics instruction. Learn more about Interactive Learning Games and ePocket Chart activities.

Formative Assessments with Virtual Feedback

Weekly, unit, and other eAssessments (if subscribed) can be assigned to students; teachers have the ability to add comments and feedback at the test and item level. Learn more about creating assignments.

Parent Send Home Letter

Educators can use send home letters to provide login instructions to parents or guardians. Learn more about send home letters.

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The Benchmark Universe Team

Last Updated: March 24, 2020