Review a student's reading log

Check your students’ reading progress by looking at their reading logs. You can review a student's or an entire class’s reading activity by using the Reading Log icon. The student's reading log page shows the number of books read, started, book review rating, comments, and status. In addition, you can write a book review of your own to share with your student(s) and print the reading log for parent-teacher and/or student conferences.

Review the Class Reading Activity Chart

You can better understand the progress of an entire class by examining their collective reading activities.

  1. Click the Reading Log icon on the Dashboard. The Reading Log page appears.
  2. Select a class.
  3. The Reading Activity Chart displays to the right of the class list.


Review a student's Reading Log

Reviewing a student’s Reading Activity Chart and Reading Log table can help you gauge a student’s efforts over time.

  1. Click a student’s name on the student list in the Reading Log page. You can also use the Search bar to find a student by typing their name and clicking the search icon.
  2. Click the student's name. The student's Reading Activity Chart and Reading Log table appears.

  3. Use the Up or Down arrows to sort by date, type, ebook title and status (optional).

The Type column lets you know whether the student's book review is based on an assignment or independent reading. The ebook title provides you with a student's book review and reading history.

The Status column shows the following statuses.

  • Student reviewed - The student wrote and shared a book review.
  • Student finished - The student read an assigned book and marked it done. Or, the student read a book chosen from their library.
  • Student will finish - The student was assigned a book, but has not read it yet.

What Books Appear in the Chart?

  • Any eBook* a student opens from their Library.
  • Any eBook* a student opens from an Assignment.

What Books Appear in the Table?

  • Any eBook a student opens from their Library (noted as Independent Reading).
  • Any eBook a student is assigned from an Assignment, but not yet opened (noted as Student will finish/I will finish later).
  • Any eBook a student marks as Done from an Assignment (noted as Student finished).

*You can see a book's level in "More Info" from the gear menu in the Library.


Read a student's book review

Reading a student's book review can demonstrate how well students understand the material. While adding your own review to books your students have read can help keep students engaged with the material.

  1. Find a book review and click Read Review.
  2. Review the student's rating and comments.
  3. Click Add New Book Review to write a book review (optional).
  4. Click the Close (x) icon.
You can print out a student’s reading activity list and chart by clicking the Print button.

Last Updated: May 12, 2023