Play the Complete the Sentence game

The object of the game is to drag the word tiles from the word bank at the bottom and drop them into the correct empty boxes within the sentences on the game board. You and your students can select the question mark in the Complete the Sentence game for game-specific instructions.






Complete the Sentence Game at a Glance

Complete the Sentence Game Legend Description
1. Help button (?) Access game-specific instructions.
2. Instructions icon Read about how to play the game. Click the Listen button in the Instructions modal to hear how to play the game.
3. Timer View how long it takes to complete a game. The game becomes more challenging if a time limit is set.
4. Game board Use to drop word tiles into the blank boxes.
5. Word bank

Select to listen to a word's pronunciation.

Drag and drop the correct word tile into a blank box on the game board.

6. Play/Pause button Press the button to start the game. Turns into pause button after starting game.
7. Check

Check to see if the word tiles placed on the game board are correct.

Note: A green check mark or red X appears when a sentence has been completed correctly and incorrectly.

8. Show Answers button View the correct word tiles placed in the correct boxes.
9. Reset

Reset the round you are currently playing.

Note: Select Play to start the game.

10. Next or Previous Round button Access the next or previous round of the game. The button lights up and becomes active when a round is completed.

How to play the Complete the Sentence game

  1. Click Play.
  2. Review the words in the Word bank.
  3. Drag and drop the word tile into the appropriate box to complete the sentence.


Users can navigate through the game using the keyboard via the tab and left and right arrows keys while using a screen reader.

For the drag and drop functionality of the cards, users have the option of using a menu, which they can use to move the cards from sentence to sentence.


Use the Speaker (audio) icon next to each sentence to have students listen to each sentence before making a selection.


For Touch Screens users

Touch a word tile on the screen with your finger and drag the tile into a blank box on the game board then remove your finger from the screen to drop the tile.

Last Updated: October 06, 2023