Record a Student’s ORR Comprehension

A student’s comprehension of a text is as important as their ability to read it. Benchmark Digital Oral Reading Records provides teachers with a simple way to record and evaluate their student’s understanding of a text.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide to recording a student's ORR comprehension (as well as other information).






Record a Student’s Comprehension

Students should complete the Comprehension portion of an Oral Reading Records assignment after reading the Passage.

Teachers evaluate a student’s comprehension by having students respond to the displayed questions. For open response questions, select Incorrect or Correct at the bottom of a text box. Write the student’s answers in the provided text boxes if you’d like to record their response, but this is not required:

For multiple choice questions, select the response chosen by the student:

An assignment remains in the Current Assignments section until the student has read the passage, the teacher has recorded their reading behaviors, and all the questions in the Comprehension section have been answered.


See a Student’s Proficiency Rating

After you’ve recorded a student’s reading behaviors and marked a response for all questions in the Comprehension section, a Proficiency Rating appears in the sidebar.

Benchmark Digital Oral Reading Records calculates the Proficiency Rating based the accuracy reading the passage along with the number of correct Comprehension questions.

The Profiency Ratings have the following categories:

Independent — refers to a text level or range at which a student can handle the text, content, and structure easily and without assistance:

Instructional — refers to a text range that provides a few challenges for the student, but the challenges are balanced with the student’s ability to solve most of the encountered difficulties:

Frustrational — refers to a text level that is beyond a student’s current capability. These texts are inappropriate for instruction because the text and content are too difficult for the student to maintain the meaning of the text:


How we calculate Proficiency

Oral reading records yield one of three levels of proficiency: Independent, Instructional, and Frustrational. Proficiency Level is determined by the combination of the student's Accuracy score and their Comprehension Score.