Derived Instructional Proficiency

The primary goal of the Digital Oral Reading Records tool is to find a student’s instructional reading level. Our Derived Instructional feature aims to ensure that a teacher is identifying that instructional reading level as accurately as possible.

But it doesn’t always work out that a student actually scores “Instructional”. Sometimes a student scores Independent on a particular reading level, meaning they’re likely ready to try a higher reading level. What happens, if that student then scores “Frustrational” on the next-highest level? That means the reading level is too difficult, and we recommend the student work at a lower reading level.

That’s where Derived Instructional comes in. Since we know a student shouldn’t be working at the Frustrational level, Digital ORR automatically adjusts their Independent score to be “Instructional”, and suggests that the student continue working at that Instructional level. Teachers will see the Derived Instructional icon next to the “Instructional” anywhere that proficiency appears. Select the icon to access a tooltip with more info.

View Derived Reading Level in Oral Reading Records

In the scenario below, the student scored “Independent” on Brer Rabbit Hears a Noise. That prompted the teacher to assess the student at the next highest level: K. However, the student then scored Frustrational on that level K record, “A Museum At Last.” Once the student scored Frustrational, the proficiency on “Brer Rabbit Hears a Noise” was automatically relabeled “Instructional” and the Derived Instructional icon appears.

The Derived Instructional proficiency appears everywhere the proficiency is displayed:

  • The Review Reading History section of a Student Overview
  • The sidepanel of the ORR
  • The Summary step of the ORR

The Independent record and the Frustrational record have to be taken within 7 days of each other to be considered Derived Instructional. There also can’t be any other ORRs taken between the Independent and the Frustrational records.

View Derived Reading Level in Oral Reading Records Reports

The Derived Instructional icon also appears in Reports, anywhere proficiency is displayed.

View Derived Reading Level in Oral Reading Records CSV downloads

Any Derived Instructional proficiencies are also identified in the CSV download. There is a new column named “Derived Instructional Level”, and the text “Considered to be Instructional”: