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It is our consistent goal to provide you with tools to make your life easier and to enhance your students’ learning experience. ​

We’re pleased to confirm that the following feature updates are available in Benchmark Universe now:

Save, Use, and Filter by Groups

The group feature has been enhanced, allowing teachers to save groups when creating an eAssessment Grouping report. They can access the saved groups in Manage Students and throughout Benchmark Universe when creating assignments, viewing book reviews, and administering Oral Reading Records and Foundational Skills Assessments. While viewing assessment results in reports, they can filter the data for eAssessments and Oral Reading Records by selecting one or more groups in the universal selector for the teacher’s class.

*This feature is associated with eAssessments and Oral Reading Records Reports.

Check out the New Accessibility Features in Benchmark Universe

The Interactive Learning Games and ePocket Chart in Benchmark Universe now offer a wealth of new features that make it easier for users with special needs to access them. They now offer keyboard navigation, more support for users with difficulty discerning colors, and other updates that make them easier for users with special needs to navigate. Find out more about the ePocket Chart changes here and use the links here to find out more about the changes made to every Interactive Learning Game.

Check out the Interactive Teacher Guide (Fully Interactive Lessons)

The Interactive Teacher Guide is an innovative educational tool designed to help educators and learners with interactive and engaging content. It facilitates the seamless delivery and tracking of e-learning content. With the Interactive Teacher Guide, you can explore a dynamic learning environment that fosters collaboration, engagement, and efficient knowledge transfer. Learn more about it here.

*Interactive Teacher Guides are currently available for Phonics Intervention Levels 1 & 2.

Administrator Access for Foundational Skills Assessments

District and school administrators can access and administer Foundational Skills Assessments subtests to students. Results are available to view at the class and student levels.

*Foundational Skills Assessments are currently available for Benchmark Phonics and Phonics Intervention.

New Automaticity Response Type for Foundational Skills Assessments

We’ve added an additional response type, “Automaticity,” to allow teachers and administrators to evaluate whether a student’s response was “Automatic” or “Not Automatic,” in addition to evaluating whether the student’s response was correct.

*The automaticity response type is only available for certain sub-tests found in Benchmark Phonics.

Listen and Grade a Speaking Assessment

For certain speaking assessments, students will be able to record themselves speaking the answer to questions while taking a test. Prior to the test, the student will take a microphone test to ensure their microphone is set up properly. After the student takes and submits their test, the teacher can play back the student’s answer to each question and grade their response appropriately.

*Recording functionality is only available in Express and ELD Interim Assessments.

Foundational Skills Assessments Class History Views

The Class History view allows teachers and administrators to see students’ most recent scores on all the subtests within a test, all in one place.

*Foundational Skills Assessments are currently available for Benchmark Phonics and Phonics Intervention.

Print eAssessments Results

This feature allows teachers and administrators to print graded eAssessment results for individual students – or batch print for all students in the class. Results can then be easily shared with students, parents, and admins.

*This print feature does not apply to Oral Reading Records or Foundational Skills Assessments.

Assessments Instructional Recommendations

Teachers and administrators can now access instructional resources in reports to reteach and reassess students. This feature makes it easier to connect assessment results with instruction and support differentiation.

*The instructional resources are associated with standards for grades 3-6 in Benchmark Advance ©2021 and Benchmark Advance ©2022.

Time-out Notice in Benchmark Universe

Benchmark Universe users will now see a time-out notice if they are inactive for a certain length of time. Learn more about the time-out notice here.

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