Set up a peer conference

You can set up peer conferences, or group chats, for your students to allow collaboration on a writing project. The teacher acts as a moderator inside of a peer conference, leading the discussion and keeping the conversation on topic.

Students cannot conference with one another until a teacher has established a peer conference group.

To set up a peer conference, start by clicking the Chat icon to open the chat room(s). Then select the Peer Conferences tab at the top of the chat room window.

  1. Use the Search box to find and enter an existing chat, or click Start New to initiate a peer conference.

  2. Click the down arrow in the text box to choose a student from the class list, or start typing a student’s name to narrow the results. Click a student’s name from the drop-down list to add the student to the conference. You can choose as many students from the class as you'd like.
  3. Once you’ve chosen students for the conference, click Start New Room.

Click an existing group chat under the Recent peer conferences heading to participate.