Access the Grading tool

The Grading tool is a grading environment for teachers. The Grading tool helps you evaluate progress, measure achievement, and better understand the unique learning styles of your students. You will use the Grading tool to evaluate students’ open responses and review their test answers.

You can access the Grading tool using the following steps.

  1. Click Assignments on the Dashboard or select the Assignments option on the Menu. The Assignments List appears.
  2. Find and open an assignment containing an assessment.
  3. Click the assignment. The Student list appears.
  1. Click the Open Book icon at the top of the Student list or use the Grading button to the right of the Delete Assignment button. You can also access a specific student’s assessment by clicking the open book icon next to their name.
Teachers and administrators can access the Grading tool through Benchmark eAssessment Reports. See Create Standards Overview Reports for more information.

See About Grading eAssessments for more information.