View Past School Year Reports

With Benchmark’s Past School Year Reports, teachers are able to see how their current roster of students performed in previous school years as well as how they did in comparison to their current class. Using Past School Year Reports helps teachers make the best instructional decisions for each student by allowing them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses in past terms.

Teachers can only access past term information for students in their current rosters.

Access Past School Year Reports Through the Date Tab

Teachers can access Past School Year Reports through the Date tab in the Universal Selector. There they can use the District Term drop-down to select a previous term to see reports for their current students in the past term selected.

Navigate Past School Year Reports

Past School Year Reports display a notification banner below the Report Type Selector to make it clear that you are viewing historic data. The link at the end of the banner directs you to this Help page.

Test Status reports are not available for past terms.

Past School Year Reports allow you to see how your current roster performed in previous school years, so the information displayed in the context header for student, class, teacher, grade, and school will always refer to the roster in your current term.

The data displayed in the reports is from the past term selected, so the tests and dates shown in the context header will reflect the data available for this term. When you click on the information icons next to the Test and Date fields in the context header you will see a tool tip reminding you that this info is from a past term.

Class comparison data also displays the average score for your current class roster using the data from the past term selected. This makes it easy to see historic performance for students compared to their current class.

The Student Data dropdown menu on the Roster tab is the only one that does not refer to the current roster. This field only appears for student-level reports if a student has multiple classes in the past term selected. By using the checkmarks in the menu, users can select what classes they want to include in student reports and gain insight into what classes, teachers, and schools the data in this term came from.

Last Updated: November 06, 2020