Watch the instructional video

Before starting a test, teachers and students can watch an instructional video explaining the test-taking environment, its tools, and the various question types students will experience.

The video is designed to assist those using the Test Taker for the first time and those that may need a review.

Students can access additional Help at any time during a test by selecting the Help icon at the top right of the Test Taker.





Select the Begin Test Now button at any time to close the Help dialog box and proceed to the test. Click or tap the Close icon (x) to exit the test.

Students are encouraged to watch the video so they can better understand the test-taking environment, specifically how to answer different question types and use the tools provided. This enables students to have a better test-taking experience. Teachers can address any student questions during or after watching the video.

  1. Click or tap the Play icon in the middle of the dialog box to start the video.
  2. Use the controls at the bottom of the Video Player to start, pause, go to a specific part on the video, change volume settings, and switch to full screen as needed.
The video automatically plays when this screen is accessed, but can be watched again if needed.