About Benchmark eAssessments for Administrators

Benchmark eAssessments provide a platform for online assessment activities. The eAssessment online environment allows students, teachers, and administrators to assign, take, review, and analyze tests. You can access Benchmark eAssessments within Benchmark Universe.

Benchmark's eAssessment Test Taker is the test-taking environment that students use to take and submit their tests to teachers for review and grading. Administrators can preview test content in the Test Taker. See About the Test Taker for more information.

The eAssessment Reporting suite allows school and district administrators to review and analyze the test results and standards performance of their students. The Benchmark Reporting suite also lets teachers and administrators track progress and compare the performance of students, classes, and schools to help inform instruction.

The Delete a Question feature allows district administrators to save a custom version of any Benchmark eAssessment by deleting questions from the assessment. See Delete a Question for Administrators for more information.

Administrators can access Benchmark eAssessments within Benchmark Universe.


Using Benchmark Reports

Learn more about using Benchmark Reports by exploring these Teacher Help topics:

Last Updated: June 30, 2022