About the Administrator Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first page you see after you sign in. Teachers and administrators use it to access the tools and resources that their districts or schools have subscribed to. The Dashboard shows the tools and resources by default:

More tools and resources may appear on the Dashboard if your school or district has subscriptions to additional products, such as eAssessments, Reports, Oral Reading Records, Writer’s Universe, ePocket Chart, Benchmark Universe Library App and more.

A student’s Dashboard has the following tools and resources.

A look at Benchmark Universe from the student's perspective

A student's Dashboard has similar tools and resources to the teacher Dashboard, but they function differently. Teachers and Administrators can refer to student Help topics by selecting the links listed above to gain a better understanding of the student's experience. Student Help topics will appear in a separate window. Use the Close (x) icon on the window tab to close the window when you are done reviewing the student Help.

Administrator Dashboard at a Glance

Dashboard Legend Description
1. Profile Picture, Name Your profile image and profile name. Selecting your profile image lets you change your Profile image.
2. Inbox, Profile Settings, Sign Out

Use the Inbox button to compose and send/receive messages to and from students and other teachers and administrators.

The Profile Settings button takes you to your Profile page, where you can view your profile and change your profile image or password.

Leave Benchmark Universe by using the Sign Out button.

3. What's New, and (?)Help

View what's new on Benchmark Universe.

Access the Benchmark Universe Help Welcome page.

4. Tools Access Reports and downloaded reports.
5. Curriculum Resources

Directly access subscription-based services, such as Writer's Universe, Benchmark Advance, and others. Use the arrows at either side to navigate between subscription-based services.

6. Assessment and Reports

Access subscription-based assessment services:

  • Reports
  • Assessments

Note: Your school’s or district’s specific subscriptions determine which services appear in the Assessment section.

7. Benchmark Community Links to Benchmark's social media communities and pages.
8. Benchmark Academy Access Benchmark's Professional Learning videos and tutorials.
9. BenchmarkEducation.com, Privacy Policy links, and System Check

Go to the Benchmark Education website.

View our Privacy Policy.

Run a system check, view hardware and software system requirements, or submit a Tech Support request.

The Dashboard for District and School Administrators may not display all of the icons accessible to teachers.