Add posters (Admin)

You can add posters and create a customization of all posters designated for a week's instruction by using the Add Page Plus (+) icon. In addition, you can add blank pages for notes and video pages. All posters, notes, and videos can be combined into one customization that you can easily access to enhance your student's learning experience.

  1. Go to My Library and find a poster.
  2. Open the poster. Switch to Edit mode.

You must be in Edit mode to add posters. You cannot add posters in Present mode.
  1. Customize the poster, if necessary.
  2. Click the Plus (+) icon in the Thumbnail view. The Create New Page dialog appears.
  3. Click the Poster Page tab.
  4. Type a name in the Page name box.
  5. Select a poster from the Poster Page Thumbnail view. The poster appears in the Thumbnail view.
  6. Click Done.
You can add blank, video, and poster pages to a poster. You can only add blank and video pages to an eBook.


The poster appears with a page 1 title if you do not name the poster. You can use the Pencil icon after it appears in the Thumbnail view to change the name.