View, navigate, rename or delete eBook page thumbnails (Admin)

You can view or hide the pages of an eBook as thumbnails by using the Up or Down arrow at the bottom-center of a page. Thumbnails are used for quick and easy navigation to a page. You can also use the thumbnails to rename or delete pages.

Navigate to a page

  • Click the page thumbnail to go to a specific page.
You can use the left or right arrows located in the Thumbnail view to navigate and view a series of previous or next pages in an eBook by clicking the arrows.

Rename a page

  1. Click the Pencil icon at the bottom-right of the page thumbnail. The Rename page dialog appears.
  2. Type a name in the text box.
  3. Click OK. The name appears at the bottom of the thumbnail.

Delete a page

  1. Click the X icon at the top-right of the page thumbnail. The Delete page dialog appears.
  2. Ensure you are viewing the correct page before deleting.
  3. Click OK.
Deleted pages from an eBook cannot be restored.

Last Updated: July 02, 2019