View, search, and add customizations (Admin)

You can view, search, and add new customizations by using the My Customizations arrow and panel.

View customizations

  1. Click the My Customizations arrow located at the left of an eBook page. The My Customizations panel appears.
  2. Click the customization name you want to view.
The My Customizations arrow acts as a toggle key. You can use it to slide the panel out (right arrow) or in (left arrow).

Search customizations

  • Type a keyword(s) in the Search for Customization box. The search results appear.

Add new customization

  1. Click the + New Customization button located at the bottom of the My Customizations panel.
  2. Type a customization name in the box.

A default customization name that contains the date, time, and your name is automatically used if you do not type a name in the box.

You can only create a customization from the original eBook. You cannot use a customization to create another customization.

Edit customization name

  1. Select the Pencil icon next to the customization name you want to edit. The customization name appears with a white background.
  2. Type the new customization name in the area with the white background.