About Benchmark Digital Oral Reading Records

What are Benchmark Digital Oral Reading Records?

Benchmark Digital Oral Reading Records (ORR) is a 21st century tool for a time-honored assessment meant to assess student reading ability and plan effective reading instruction.

The solution is designed for classroom teachers, reading specialists, and others who need to capture a visual representation of student reading abilities—including comprehension, accuracy, and overall reading behaviors.

Benchmark Digital ORR gives teachers the ability to record, track, and report on students’ reading levels and behaviors. It provides accurate and immediate results to assess student reading performance.


Check out this short video of Benchmark's literacy expert, Adria Klein, welcoming you to this tool.



Just some of the technology-forward features you can find in Benchmark Digital Oral Reading Records include:

Innovative Mark-up System

Benchmark Digital ORR has a comprehensive reading behavior mark-up system that’s simple to use on computers or tablets.

Dynamic Performance Calculator

With instant scoring, Benchmark Digital ORR calculates and interprets a reading record to provide clear next steps on finding a student’s instructional reading level.

Relevant and Robust Reporting

Find interactive reports tracking reading level progress over time, fluency rate trends, and more so you can personalize your teaching and facilitate student grouping.

Check out this video explaining the features and benefits of this amazing new resource!

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Not seeing Digital Oral Reading Records?

The programs you have access to are determined by your district and/or school’s subscriptions. To learn more about Benchmark Digital Oral Reading Records please contact your local sales representative here, or contact tech support at techsupport@benchmarkeducation.com.